Mirakel heart


Heat the inner bag only. Retains heat for approx. 40min.
Microwave: 1-3min. 600w
(with higher power levels, reduce the time)
100C for 10-15min.


Place the inner bag inside a plastic bag and place in a freezer for 1-3hours. Remains cold for approx. 40min.

Care instructions to ensure a long product life 

Re-moisten the inner bag from time to time, by either placing a glass of water in the microwave/oven when heating or by moistening the bag with water from a spray bottle before heating. After use (whether heat or cooling) the wheat should be allowed to return to normal room temperature before being used again. The outer bag is washable at 40C.

Take care of your body 

If you have sensitive skin, you should protect it by placing a piece of material between your skin and the Mirakel product. Do not use Mirakel products on damaged skin or in cases of acute illness.

Product image

Mirakel heart

Inner bag

2 compartments