Our signature is quality and
down-to-earth natural products with
CE-labelling through the Medical Products Agency and KRAV-certified wheat from Kiwa.


MirakelDESIGN AB was founded in 1998 by Gert Jonsson. The philosophy behind Mirakel products is Heating or Cooling from the same product. The wheat enables this thanks to its water content, and the name Mirakel seemed an obvious choice.

MirakelDESIGN AB was then established with its health care products, with the Mirakel bag being the flagship (still the case today). Creative DESIGN, packaging, delivery reliability and CE-labelled products with KRAV wheat quickly became a sign of quality, spreading pleasure and helping many people throughout the world over the years.

Gert Jonsson

MirakelDESIGN can guarantee function and quality throughout with our Swedish-made Mirakel products, as we have complete control of the entire production chain.

MirakelDESIGN is an expanding and successful Creative DESIGN company within Health care, Rehab & Health aids and Household products with great appeal.

Daughter Malin